SIM 150

Electrical Charateristics

Power ( Pmax)

150 Watts

Power Tolerance

± 3%

Open Circuit Voltage ( Voc)

22.57 V

Short Circuit Voltage ( Isc )

8.57 A

Maximum Power Voltage ( Vpm )

17.17 V

Maximum Power Current ( Ipm )

8.81 A

Maximum System Voltage

1,000 V

Mechanical Characteristics

Solar Cells

36 laser cutted multicrytalline configured geometrically for a 9x 4 matrix connected in series


High tempered anti reflective 3.2mm glass
High quality EVA encapsulated with Polyester backsheet


6063T6 Silver Anodized Aluminium Alloy


1479 x 666 x 45 mm


12.4 Kg

Temperature Coefficient

Isc Temperature Coefficient

(0.065 ± 0.015)% /˚C

Voc Temperature Coefficient

-(160 ± 20)mV /˚C

Pmax Temperature Coefficient

-(0.5 ± 0.05)% /˚C

Temperature Cycling Range

-40˚C to +85˚C

Damp heat test

85˚C and 85% Humidity

Front and Rear static load test

2400Pa or 245Kg/m²

Front load test

5400Pa or 550Kg/m²

Hail impact test

25mm hail at 25m/s

*Standard test conditions, irradiance 1000W/m² at AM1.5 and temperature of 25˚C
*Manufactured under ISO9001:2008, ISO14001 and OHSAS 18000 certified factory
*Under Japanese supervision with Japanese standard quality

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