- Standart-use 35 mm rail compact overtravel type.
- A Sky original product, developed by making the 3531 model (thickness 19.2 mm) more than 6 mm slimmer.
- The inner member can be disconnected through disconnect spring operation.
[Caution] * Do not insert the disconnected inner member into another rail. (it may lead to poor operation.)
- Two types of disconnect springs, with differing lock release methodes at closing , available. For details, confirm with the disconnect spring selection method (above the dimension figure).
- Rail with sequiental mechanism. Operation smoothly at draw-out, suppressing rail wobble. Because the lock mechanism acts at clossing, the drawn-out rail is locked and inner member can be easily reinserted
Recommended screws
- M4 binding head screw
- JX Nippon Oil Energy EPNOC Grease AP(N)2.
Surface treatment
- Part number (1) (2) (3) (9) : Electrogalvanizing (trivalent bright chromate).

*For special size, contact our sales staff
*Changes may be made without notice for improved quality, environment, and safety, without affecting function or mounting
*Manufactured under ISO9001:2015, ISO14001 and OHSAS 18000 certified factory
*Under Japanese supervision with Japanese standard quality

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